Commercial-Grade Laundry Equipment To Depend On

Whatever your laundry needs are, we have the right equipment you need to care for your business with unparalleled service. We specialize in genuine replacement parts for your laundry equipment.

The laundry industry can be tough to find quality parts which is why we value them so highly. Work with our outstanding customer service team to get what you need! Our commercial laundry parts and equipment is a great option to make your on-premise laundry more efficient.

Superior Laundry Service for Business - Outstanding Customer Service!

Upgrade your college or multi-property building with our premium commercial laundry machines. Brought to you with unwavering commitment to quality, our washers and dryers are designed to withstand frequent use, ensuring optimal functionality at all times. We strive to  surpass our customers' expectations by consistently delivering unparalleled value.

Leverage the proficiency of our seasoned sales and service teams to quickly identify and order missing machine components to keep your laundry operations running smoothly. We understand how important it is to keep your machines running so our team will work to keep your building running properly for every customer.

Caldwell & Gregory's advanced technologies delivers unsurpassed laundry solutions for your laundry room. Our offerings range from flexible payment platforms to innovative interfacing tech, ensuring your residents experience hassle-free laundry operations. Transform your building's traditional laundry room into an intuitively managed, efficient space with our pioneering technology.

View Our Technology In Action

Our proprietary laundry app acts as a remote control for your residents, delivering remarkable user-experience. Check machine availability, choose from diverse payment options, and receive real-time alerts all through the app, saving precious time for your residents.

And to top it all off, the installation, regular maintenance, and repair – right down to the payment systems – are all taken care of by us so you can focus on other pressing issues.

Our comprehensive digital integration paves the way for remote monitoring, reducing labor costs associated with machine maintenance. Stay informed about machine usage, receive instant updates on required servicing, and adjust water levels conveniently with our technology.

Garner valuable performance insights to make informed equipment augmentation decisions. Most importantly, security is a top priority for us. All transactions are guarded with industry-standard encryption to ensure absolute safety.

Why Choose Us?

No matter the scale of your laundry room setup, we tailor our handpicked options to suit your unique needs, creating an ideal laundry environment that integrates seamlessly with your building. We champion a consultative approach, combining in-person site visits with comprehensive understanding of your residents' needs.


A wide spectrum of flexible payment options will be at your disposal, thanks to our strategic partnership with top laundry tech providers. Our commitment to rigorous preventive maintenance ensures your laundry operations never cease, reinforcing C&G's undivided focus on customer satisfaction. We serve you, placing your needs at the forefront of our operations.


"Caldwell & Gregory has always been very professional in our dealings, they have lived up to our agreement and gone above and beyond words on paper. The service is outstanding and our Service Technician is a part of our family."


Secure a hassle-free laundry management solution with Caldwell & Gregory, a trusted provider of advanced, custom-fitted commercial laundry systems. Revitalize your facility's operations today with our high-quality laundry equipment, efficient systems, and exceptional customer service.

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